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From a young age, I saw the world in a different way than a lot of people. I also noticed that I was naturally able to find creative solutions during high-pressure situations.  My childhood “wants” drifted towards luxury often enough that my parents would state, “If you like it, it must be the best!”  


My career achieved a new height when I had the pleasure of working on The Ellen Show. In five weeks, I designed displays for 70+ brands featured on the "12 Days of Giveaways" episodes.  Since, I have worked with companies such as Saban Brands, Lakeshore Learning, Fendi, Karen Alweil Studio, John Varvatos, and Moschino.  Checkout my full client list here


RJDesign developed from my desire to breakdown the limitations defined by titles.  To work professionally in whatever industry had a need for me.  Handling a vast range of creative jobs keeps me sharp.  Also, I have always found I greatly enjoy the challenge of wearing multiple hats.  Clients have told me my talents lie in "making things look amazing", so I plan to continue doing just that. 

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