As a Creative Consultant, I bring a vast range of experience from a multitude of industries; wholesale, retail, entertainment, photo shoots, and event production.  I am experienced in Art Direction, Web Design, Graphic Design, Fixture Design, Retail Interior Design, Marketing, and Social Media.  No matter what the creative challenge, I do my best to find a solution while taking into consideration your budget.  I greatly enjoy partnering with all levels of employees to best understand each division's needs.  Some of the best ideas come from collaboration!
In a world where consumers have a million shopping options, it is very important to grab their attention. One of the best ways to standout is by having visually captivating window displays. The process starts with a free in-store consultation. This is where I gain an understanding of your location, clients, and general aesthetic within the boutique. We will discuss the length of the window installation, brainstorm on concepts, and determine a general budget. After my visit, I create three different concept designs. Once you have selected a design, I will begin sourcing the needed materials and construct all items necessary for the concept. Last, we select a date for installation. Included is the styling of all mannequins within the window display.
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When I first meet a client, I like to get an understanding of who they are, what they love, and how they view the world. This helps me make decisions that reflect their individual style. After all, your space should reflect who you are, not who I am. My personal aesthetic can be best described by the term “organic modern.” I love using raw wood, steel, glass and any material in its purest form. My home (pictured to the left) features variations of wood, glass and metal. In the mix of modern pieces are family heirlooms, antiques and items that play into the 1920’s characteristics of California Spanish architecture. These details create the feeling of a home versus a house. My goal is to bring that feeling to each of my clients' interior and exterior atmospheres.
I have been in visual merchandising for over 15 years. Let me help you create an enticing shopping experience for your customers by using techniques I've learned over my professional career. This service is a good option for someone who wants a true professional to be involved with their boutique on a regular basis (weekly or monthly). Included in this service is styling of all mannequins, arrangement of furniture & fixtures, and merchandising of all product categories. I am also available to train your sales team on visual techniques so they can reliably maintain merchandising standards between my scheduled visits. 'Visual Standard' documents can also be generated in order to keep your boutique in top shape while I am not onsite.
The brand experience is truly determined by the overall presentation of a retail environment. There are many factors that contribute to how a store presents visually to a consumer: design, color palette, cleanliness, flow of traffic, music, furniture, decor, landscape, and overall ambiance.  Often, some details can be overlooked due to your team becoming accustomed to the surrounding circumstances.  The Audit process begins with scheduled visits to selected locations where I evaluate key areas that affect how a store presents.  For more remote locations, a survey is created for associates to anonymously complete.  All collected images and information is then organized into a presentation outlining a specific plan of execution for solving any store presentation concerns.